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Tuesday 8th March, 2016

Good afternoon families!

Today was a busy day in kindergarten we had a lot to do today. We started by playing outside and playing in the new cubby house together, we set up home corner toys in there to play with such as pillows, bowls, plates, spoons and forks too, Blake, Charlee, Sierra and Evie played in there playing families together.

We then had morning tea together with Kindy outside, it started raining this morning while we were eating outside but luckily we were undercover so we didn’t get wet, but we spoke about the rain and how it helps our plants grow. We will be looking into plants at the moment as our project and focussing on the environment around us. Luka brought some seeds in for us to plant and Harrison brought some pots in for us yesterday so we will be planting these throughout the week and we spoke about what else we can plant in our classroom. We found some caterpillars outside this morning and decided to use the magnifying glasses to inspect them further, we discussed what they turn into and what happens in the process, the children were very interested in this and we can look into the life cycle of things as part of our project.

We also did some art together today as well, we made some labybugs today with Mr Lochie and spoke about what colours we were using and how ladybugs begin with the letter L. We also spoke about what other things begin with the letter L. Now in the classroom we have a self-help art area where the children are welcome to choose what things they want to use and when they want to use it, today Ashy, Luka, Evie and Charlee used the scissors and cut out different shapes using these scissors, Luka drew a picture of his family and cut them out using the scissors carefully. Please remember to bring in a family photo for our tree, it can be immediate family so we can discuss our different families within the centre. We also did some painting today, making covers for our portfolios which we will be starting soon.

We have a nature and science area set up for our classroom now, where the children are able to use the scales to weigh different amounts of weight, Axel today used the rocks on the scales and managed to make the scales the same weight using different sized rocks with a bit of assistance from Miss Daisy. We also used the magnifying glasses to look at the differences between the rocks and the sticks and driftwood that was brought in for us. IMAG0109 IMAG0111 IMAG0112 IMAG0113 IMAG0114