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Funky Hair Friday, 12th March
Thank you so much for your gold coin donations!
For doodling in a sustainable way: Any recycled A4 paper, blank on one side.
For our outdoor music band: noise-making implements, things made of metal (biscuit tins, milk powder tins, unwanted ladles, spoons, scoops, etc)

Good evening to our beautiful families and friends.

This morning we were so excited to see our friends arriving with their funky hair. Special thanks to families for their wonderful efforts and for donation.

In the yard this morning children explored balancing beams, wooden train tracks, sining disks and the cubby house. Outside, Miss Qiu started face painting for our friends whilst Miss Sana were making funky hairstyles. This was an absolute fun for children. Before having Morning Tea (bean sauce with turkish bread), children participated in Arakan lesson with Mr Dan outside.

We decided to have a relaxing day today and just focus on children’s interest for the whole day. Therefore, Miss Qiu continued with face painting and Miss Sana sat at table with a painting activity, where children were encouraged to draw Easter bunnies and to paint them. The rest of children requested making music, so the door was opened and children took the band outside and had some fun dancing along to the beats.

Thanks Kindergarten Two for a great week.

Lots of Love,

Miss Qiu and Miss Sana X.