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Dear families and friends,

Our morning started outside enjoying obstacle course, drawing with pencils, spinning disks and the slides. The children also enjoyed exploring train tracks, reading books and pretend to cook in the kitchen area with water and barks. Whilst waiting for all our friends to arrive, some children kept asking the educators million of questions about the excursion.

At 9.30 we had a quick group time to remind children of our excursion rules and explained what to expect. We then sat down for Morning tea (bean sauce and turkish bread). The children then got ready and once more they were reminded about the rules.

When the bus got here we all hopped in the bus and buckled our seat belts and patiently waited for Kindergarten One to hop in. During the trip children sang songs, waved to people on the road and talked about how fun excursions are. When we got to the theatre children sat on their seats and listened beautifully the entire show. The puppet shows which the children watched were ‘brown bear what can you see’ and ‘the very hungry caterpillar’. It makes us so happy to say that everyone had fun and they really enjoyed the show.

When we got back, children sat down for some sandwiches for lunch.

Thanks everyone for a great end of the week.


Miss Qiu and Miss Sana x.