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Dear families and friends,

We hope that everyone is having a lovely Friday so far!

This morning, we had the good luck of uncovering a big dishwasher box. Children love boxes as they hold endless opportunities for play. We looked at the symbols and words on the box and tried to figure out what each symbol meant. For instance, that the umbrella with raindrops on it probably indicates that the box has to be protected when it rains. Our friends were amused by the symbol with the sad and happy boxes, which depicted which instances the box might be in danger of breaking.

Today, we enjoyed Arakan with Mr Chris, as Mr Daniel has just welcomed his beautiful baby girl! During morning group time, Miss Qiu elaborated about Floral Friday and introduced the musical instruments that we’ve collected. There were empty plastic containers, tins, chopsticks and lids. We also went through the letter sound, ‘e’.

During activity time, our friends played in the box, which was a house for the one humungous shark that we have in our room, and created a band. Our friends christened it ‘ABIW band’. Suffice to say there was plenty of singing, banging and good-hearted cheer.

Other friends made shapes and played with our ocean animals. Some of our friends helped Miss Sana to put up our cultural display. Extending upon our explorations of the world map, Miss Sana drew out a massive world, which we now have on our ceiling! We talked about where each child’s mummy/daddies are from, and that we are now all living in Australia.

Finally, Miss Qiu provided the children more information about sea turtles and reviewed some shark information.

Wishing everyone a gorgeous weekend.


Miss Qiu, Miss Sana and Miss Valerie