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Happy Friday dear families and friends.

Our Friday started outside in the yard where children explored train tracks, balancing obstacles and spinning disks. At the table, our friends explored drawing with coloured pencils under educator’s supervision. The educators focused on children’s effective pencil grip and developing their literacy skill. Also, in the sandpit area, children had fun pretend to cook, pretend to wash the dinosaurs and dogged for treasures.

Whilst being outside, children found a grass hopper on the wall. Miss Qiu brought it down so that we can have a closer look at it. The children were so gentle and nice with holding the paper which the grass hopper was on it. We discussed it’s characteristics and observed it very closely whilst initiating conversation about it. Hendrix: ‘i think it’s an adult grass hopper.’, Theodore: ‘i think we need to stay close to it cause it defiantly likes us.’

At 9.30, some of the children participated in Arakan with Mr Daniel, whilst the rest enjoyed morning tea (baked beans and turkish bread). The children swapped after the first Arakan session.

On the mat, we sang songs, said ‘Jingeri’ to everyone, acknowledged the country and identified today’s day, date and weather. The children then identified the letter of the week, letter J. As a classroom we made it’s sound, air-traced it and identified objects on letter J card. Miss Qiu then explained the rules and the proper way of playing Dominos.

For today’s activities children explored Dominoes, drawing, writing on straight lines, face painting, puppets, dramatic play area (clinic) and cars in the construction area.

After Lunch (sushi with salad), first the children had a quick reading time. Our friends then watched a 10 minutes episode of ‘Numberjacks’ as it was requested by children.

Thanks Kindergarten Two for a great week.


Miss Qiu and Miss Sana x.