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Easter Raffle Tickets
This week, raffle tickets will go home with your child. Please send the booklets back with $5 as well as some Easter eggs/cookies/candy/craft/anything lying around the house for our Easter basket! On the 31st of March, we’ll pick one raffle ticket – the lucky winner will take the Easter basket home!
The Very Hungry Caterpillar excursion
This Friday, 26th March
Please dress your child in a white shirt on that day.
Information: The bus will leave at 10.45am. Show will run from 11.30am-12.20pm. We’ll then head straight back to school for lunch.
For school readiness/independence: Please dress your child in a white shirt on that day and a small backpack they can carry on their own with 1) a change of clothes 2) a water bottle.


Dear families and friends,

This morning we only had the opportunity to play in the sandpit yard as it was raining. In the sandpit children made castles, build towers and road tracks with the blocks and pretended to cook breakfast. The children also discovered if they dig deep enough, they will reach wet sand or even water.

We headed inside a bit earlier than usual. We sat on the mat and listened to a story Miss Qiu read us about Easter. Children then said good morning to their friends and teachers and identified today’s day, date and weather. After that, children were introduced to the letter of the week, letter ‘H’. They air traced letter h in the air, made it’s sound and identified objects on letter H card.

After eating morning tea (crackers with fruits, cereal and sultanas), children sat back on the mat again, where they learnt about water cycle and how it rains. To extend upon the rainy weather and the group time, children were offered to make clouds through a painting activity.

Other activities offered were connectors, animals, spirals, and wooden blocks. The children also explored the rainbow area which the activities has been replaced with a few Easter activities.

During the quiet time, children were offered with more Easter activity alongside other quiet activities.

Thanks friends for a great start of the week.


Miss Qiu and Miss Sana x.