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Easter Basket
THANK YOU ALL for your contributions to our Easter Hamper. It looks so colourful and contains a variety of things the children would love! The last day for giving us $5 for the raffle ticket and adding a little gift to the Hamper is next Wednesday, 31st March.
Easter in the Park
Join us at 3.30pm on Wednesday, 31st of March for a fun event at the park just a 10 minute stroll away. Please pick your child up from the kindergarten and sign them out of OASIS before heading over to the park. If you can’t make it, please don’t worry. Your child will stay with other educators at kindy.
Miss Qiu away 29th March-1st April
Miss Qiu will be on leave the whole of this week. Miss Sana, Miss Remi (from Pre-Kindy), Mr Pete and Miss Manuela (a qualified ECT) will be here for the children. As always, they are friendly and approachable!



Dear families and friends,

We hope everyone had a nice time spent over the weekend. Today we were so lucky to have Miss Manuela as Miss Qiu will be away this week.

This morning children enjoyed playing on the slide, climbing fort, obstacle courses, train tracks, spinning disks and blocks. Outside, Miss Manuela offered a few new books from her resources for children to read, therefore Some of the children enjoyed a quiet reading time with her. The children also initiated conversation with teachers about their weekend and what they enjoyed most about it.

At 9.30, everyone washed their hands and got ready for a group time with Miss Manuela where we sang some songs, said “Jingeri’ to everyone, identified today’s day, date and weather. Children also were introduced to letter “I”, they air-traced it and pronounced the sound of it. The children then identified objects on the letter ” card with Miss Manuela’s help. Miss Manuela finished the group time with reading book about friendships called ‘hooray for chaster’, then she sang a song using felts and felt boards.

After Morning Tea (corn crackers with sultanas and fruits), children had a quick reading time whilst the educators cleaned the tables. Today’s activities offered for children to explore were connectors, animals, Easter matching game and spirals. Thanks to Range for sharing his Legos with all his friends. In the meanwhile, Miss Sana introduced an Easter Bingo game to children and played the roll of the game master the first round for children to get the hang of the game. After that, children swapped the role amongst themselves.

In the afternoon, Miss Sana read the ‘Aussie Hot Easter Parade’ book for children to prepare them for tomorrow’s show.

Thanks to our friends for a great start of the week. Also a special thanks to Miss Manuela for stepping in our classroom and create a warm friendly environment for everyone.