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Good evening families and friends, we hope everyone is having a nice day so far.

This morning was started outside enjoying train tracks, the slide, spinning disks, balancing beam and reading books. The children also had fun with Range’s and Frankie’s (KG1) sensory balls brought from their home to play  with everyone.

At 9.40 we headed inside for a group time where we said good morning, sang songs, acknowledged the country and identified today’s day, date and weather with the help of teacher’s helper, Brenden. The children then learnt the sound of letter G, air-traced and identified objects on letter G card. After that, all our friends who know different language, where offered to count 1-10 in foreign language. Miss Qiu then explained today’s activities and asked children to sit down for morning tea (blueberry cake and fruits).

Today we decided to offer indoor/outdoor play for children to develop variety of learning skills. Inside, the children enjoyed connects, moon sand, puzzles and painting with Miss Sana. Outside, the children participated in group games with Miss Qiu. Both groups had half an hour before they were swapped.

After lunch, sausage rolls with tomato sauce and salad, the children participated in yoga class with Miss Hailey. Then it was time for Brenden to share his showed tell with the classroom and answer his friend’s questions at the end.

Thanks friends for another great day.

Lots of Love,

Miss Qiu and Miss Sana xx.