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Speech Therapy
Please return the speech pathology forms so that your child can participate in activities that students from Griffith University have prepared! They visited our centre for the first time on Tuesday, 16th of March. Our friends were sad that they couldn’t join in the fun activities, which they watched from the sidelines.
For doodling in a sustainable way: Any recycled A4 paper, blank on one side.
For our outdoor music band: noise-making implements, things made of metal (biscuit tins, milk powder tins, unwanted ladles, spoons, scoops, etc)


Dear families and friends,

welcome back to another fun day in Kindergarten Two.

outside this morning, our friends explored drawing with pencils, reading books, spinning disks, bouncy dragon and balancing beam. Due to construction work, we were unable to use the sandpit, however we will explore it this afternoon. Before heading inside, we played the ‘shore, ship, shark’ game as a group.

For our morning group time, first, the children sang songs, said good morning to their friends and teachers and identified today’s day, date and weather with teacher’s helper, Harvey. Second, we acknowledged the country and talked about the reason we practise this every day. Third, the children made the sound of the letter G, air traced it and identified objects on letter G card.

After Morning Tea, children were introduced to our new area, called ‘the rainbow area’ with variety of calm activities for children to explore. We also talked about the rules to follow on in the rainbow area.

Today’s activities offered by Teacher’s helper were wooden blocks, cutting, animals and matching cards. The children also participated in an Aboriginal painting using pom poms. This activity was an extension upon Theodore’s and Jonah’s interest upon Aboriginal art.

Today we also had speech pathologist students from Griffith university to join us for a quick play. The children did very well at interacting and letting them in their play.

After lunch, the children listened to Harvey’s show and tell and received answers for their questions at the end.

Thanks Kindergarten Two for a lovely Tuesday.


Miss Qiu and Miss Sana xx,