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Good evening to our beautiful families and friends.

This morning, due to the wet weather we decided to venture inside whilst the ground was getting a bit dry. Whilst being inside children enjoyed exploring the rainbow area, wooden blocks, drawing and the dress up corner. Miss Qiu then read children a book then we all headed outside for a quick run on the ramp where it’s covered.

Morning Tea today was jelly with custard and fruit. The children then sang songs on the mat, said good morning and acknowledged the country. Miss Qiu then introduced today’s activity to children and asked teacher’s helper, Brenden, to choose activities for tables.

This morning we were so excited to have April, Frankie’s mum joining us with an Easter craft which she prepared for us. We’d prepared cut-outs of their handprints prior to today. Then, they cut out one finger to make their handprints resemble an Easter bunny. They added googly eyes, a pom pom for the nose and personalised their bunnies with a drawing. This was an absolute fun for kids. Also special thanks to April for spending her time with us and giving everyone a Cadbury chocolate egg to take home. Other activities which children explored were the music area, farm animals, connectors, doll’s house and legos.

Before lunch (tuna pasta and salad), children had fun dancing with Miss Jenn and her amazing dance moves.

After lunch, children sat down for a quick reading time and then for a yoga session with Miss Sana to calm down and relax.

Thanks friends for a lovely day.

Lots of  Love,

Miss Qiu and Miss Sana xx.

p.s. please forgive us for the lack of photos. Our camera decided to be uncooperative today.