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Dear families and friends.

This morning, children headed outside at 8 am as usual where they had the opportunity to explore variety of activities. Some of the activities offered we the slide, the kitchen, climbing fort, blocks, sining disks and train tracks. The children also explored the balancing obstacles whilst Miss Manuela read children some beautiful stories from her own books.

At 9.30, we washed hands and sat on the mat with Miss Manuela where they sang a new good morning song, acknowledged the country and identified today’s day, date and weather. Miss Manuela also talked about the new drop off/pick up routine and the reason for it and discussed hygiene. At last, children identified letter I, air traced it, pronounced the sound of it and identified objects on the letter I card.

After Morning Tea (Muesli with custard, fruit and raspberry sauce), the children sat down for another group time. During this group time, Miss Manuela started by singing an Autumn song for children. We then talked about Autumn and as a group and discusses the changes it makes during this season. Miss Manuela also showed children the beautiful leaves with Autumn colours which she collected them from her garden.

The activities today which children decided to explore were Easter activities in the rainbow corner, drawing on ease, Legos animals and puzzles. The children who were interested, participate in a painting activity with Miss Manuela where they used Autumn colour paints to paint leaves and print them on a piece of paper.

Thanks friends for a fun Wednesday.


Miss Manuela and Miss Sana x.