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Dear families and friends,

This morning we were so excited to venture outside in the beautiful sunshine. The children enjoyed playing among balancing beams, spinning disks, train tracks, slides and climbing forts. Some children also enjoyed playing pretend cook with barks and water using the kitchen area and have a little picnic at the table next to the kitchen.

Just before heading inside at 9.30, Miss Qiu reminded and demonstrated for children effective hand washing and explained the reason. On the mat, we followed our routine including singing songs, saying Jingeri to everyone,  identified today’s day, date and weather. After practising the acknowledgement of country, children identified today’s letter which was letter J. Our friends then air traced letter J, made the sound of it and identified objects on letter J card.

After Morning Tea (jelly with pears, peaches and sultanas), Miss Qiu introduced the new toys which has been added to the classroom and explained the rules whilst playing with them. Miss Qiu also shared some ideas of how to play with them and encouraged children to use their creativity to come up with their own ideas.

Today’s table activities were dominos, legos, drawing. We also continued with our Mother’s day crafts with Miss Sana at tables. On the mat, children enjoyed reading, open-ended cylinder with cars and wooden blocks to make roads and ramps. After play time, we practised a fire drill as a classroom which went so great. Before having a fire drill, we discussed the instructions and the rules as a group.

After having lunch (salmon pasta with salad), children had a quiet time where they enjoyed reading for 10 minutes. The children then watched an educational yoga video whilst following the poses.

Thanks everyone for a great day.


Miss Qiu and Miss Sana x.

p.s. sorry about the photos. We’re working on reducing the file size so that we can upload them here!