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Wednesday 13th April, 2016

Good afternoon families,

Today we had a quieter day, playing lots of different games together, we had a lot of collaborative play today where we worked together with different activities.

We started off the day playing outside with Mr Lachie and Miss Rachel, before we had yoga. We had lots of fun playing in the sandpit and having bike races together in the yard. When we came inside to have yoga we continued our practice on our balance and our breathing, we also did lots of animal poses which the children loved, we loved doing the monkey poses and the lion poses together.

Some of the children also wanted to build Mr Lachie a house so they asked him what he had at his house and proceeded to build him a house out of the blocks, the children worked together to build a big house and even put some trucks inside the house for Mr Lachie to use. We also had fun playing with the instruments together, sharing all the instruments between each other.

We also practiced our pencil control and our scissor control by completing the worksheets that are available for us to use. We also did some colouring and some puzzles together as well, some of us helping others when they needed help.

Also please remember to bring in your family photo if you havnt brought it in yet. Also there is a mothers day scentsy raffle if you would like to buy tickets they are downstairs in the reception. DSC00193 DSC00150 DSC00156 DSC00159 DSC00165 DSC00168 DSC00172 DSC00176 DSC00180 DSC00185