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Wednesday 16th March, 2016

Good afternoon families we had a very busy day today we were very lucky today and had Miss Lauren come and do some yoga with us which will be happening every Wednesday. We were very good with this and practiced being a variety of animals such as a cat, dog, lion and a camel using different parts of our bodies to practice these moves. We also practiced our breathing together breathing slowly breathing in and exhaling slowly.

Today we started off the group time by talking about the different parts of the plant is, we also had a discussion about what we think would happen if we placed white flowers into different coloured water and spoke about what we thought would happen. We decided that after talking about how plants drink that the colour may change on the petals and will be keeping a close eye on the flowers to see what happens and will document this throughout the next couple of weeks.

We also continued making our very special headbands for Easter with Mr Lochie and also coloured in some flowers to look at to show what we remember about our group time discussion about what the parts of the flowers were. We had lots of fun playing with the blocks today, Evie and Charlotte built a big structure together with a special visitor we had today.

Please don’t forget to bring in a family photo for our tree it is looking a little lonely with only 3 photos on there. Also don’t forget the Easter day on Saturday where we will be doing some crafts, easter egg hunt and singing our very special easter song. We will also be having a very special visitor on Saturday.