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Our Day…..
We have had an enjoyable in the Kindergarten room with Miss Jo joining Mr Lachie for the day. Miss Daisy was away today but will be back tomorrow.
We began our day outdoors and some of the children worked hard to create their own cubby house in the toddler yard. Miss Jo watched as there was a lot of cooperative play taking place with Eljay, Charlee and Mason working together with Shia and Jack to make a cubby house out of the play equipment. They spent quite some time working together and creating their cubby house and demonstrated turn taking as they hid inside the cubby house.
When we got to the big play ground there were lots of very busy children finding different areas of the yard to play and explore in. Charlee, Evie, Sierra and Charlotte looked very cosy as they sat in the tee pee reading books. Nicolas and Dmitri joined Miss Jo in the sandpit and we were busy building sand castles.
Eljay was busy making channels of water in the sandpit this morning. He dug a path and then turned the tap on and watched the water flow through the path. Miss Jo then assisted him in making a secondary path and Charlee, Eve, Mason, Ashi and Dmitri all helped to dig a new avenue for the water to go through.
After morning tea Miss Lauren came to do yoga with us. Ashi, Harrison and Jasmine did a great job at doing a plank. Evie, Sierra, Eljay, Kaitlyn, Axel, Mason, Charlotte, Jacob and Charlee did a great job at stretching out on their mats. Dmitri was able to balance on one leg with ease. Great listening and following directions today during yoga.
A fun day today. Thank you Kindergarten for making me feel so welcome in your room.
Miss Jo and Mr Lachie

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