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Wednesday 21st June 2016


After a big play outside this morning the children were very ready to come inside for morning tea.  As we finished our morning tea, Miss Lauren arrived ready for our Yoga class.  The children did a great job listening and following instructions.  Each child had a towel, which was their space…no one was allowed to encroached on their space.  The children then listened and followed the actions of Miss Lauren. 

After our Yoga, we were all very relaxed and ready for our morning group time.  We discussed the State of Origin tonight.  Luka told us he didn’t play that type of football, he plays soccer, though he thought maybe he could watch it on television.  Mr Lachie told the children they needed to go for Queensland, because we live in Queensland.  Harrison said he lives in Australia, so we had a look at the map.  We discovered that we all live in Australia, we live in Queensland and we live on the Gold Coast.  Miss Vanessa decided it would be fun to see if we could discover who the winner might be.  We all looked at our clothing and called out what colour we were wearing.  The result was…Queensland – 7 and New South Wales – 9.  Mr Lachie was not impressed.  So we thought we should try another way, son we just chose who we thought would win.  The result was Queensland barrackers – 11 and New South Wales – 5.  He was much happier with that.


The children enjoyed painting our banner, drawing at the table and blocks on the mat.  Oliver, Harrison, Axel and Tobie had a great time construction, not only with the blocks but also with the rocks.  The rocks added another dimension to their play, Tobie and Harrison tried filling the middle of the blocks with the rocks, while Oliver used them to separate one construction from the other.


When we were on the mat we discussed our favourite play spaces at kindy.  Miss Vanessa asked the children, one by one, to take her to their favourite play space and then gave them the camera to take a picture of it.  The rope ramp is most definitely the favoured play area.  Inside home corner and blocks were popular.  Looking forward to printing out all the photos to see how amazing our children are at being “photographers”