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Wednesday 25th May, 2016

Good Afternoon families,

Today we had a fun day, as it was too cold this morning we stayed inside and played some fun games together, we had lots of fun building different sized and shapes towers together, seeing what we could build together and seeing how high we could build it.

We then had yoga today we had lots of fun doing this, doing different poses together and we did lots of poses which required us to have a friend help us, this is to help us balance and we had fun doing it with our friends.

We then had lots of fun inside, we practiced our cutting, we are getting very good at holding and using the scissors, we used contact paper to make special sun catchers with, we used different metallic colours and spoke about which colours we were using, we also shared the colours when some of us ran out of the one we wanted.

Some of the children decided to build a big wall and shopping centre together, they used the animals and people as the shop owners and each chose different toys to be inside the shop. We also used the toys in home corner, making ourselves a cup of tea and some very special food to share with the class.

We also read the Gruffalo today, we enjoyed this so much and spoke about what other animals we saw in the story and what other things we could come up with that would be the Gruffalo’s favourite food. We might look into the Gruffalo next week as the children enjoyed this a lot and use it as our project focus.

If you have any books you would like to share with the class please bring these in so we can read them together.