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Wednesday 27th September

Welcome to another wonderful Wednesday in the Kindy room! We started off the day enjoying the warmer weather outside with our friends. Levi was making some delicious mud pies in the sand pit this morning. He would collect some water from the water pump to wet the sand he was going to use for his cooking.

Nathaniel was exploring his balancing skills this morning by kneeling on a padded piece of equipment. Because the equipment was soft and it was on the sand, it made it a bit wobbly. Nathaniel did a great job to maintain his balance and not fall off.

Isaac was having a great time rolling around the sandpit on our giant bouncing balls. He would use his hands to push off the sand and roll back to his feet.
Once all of our friends had arrived we did some yoga! We did lots of stretching and lots of yoga moves including the “butterfly” “downward dog” and “cobra”. We all tried our best, copying the moves.
We then came inside for group time and some morning tea! Once we had finished we got stuck into the day, finding different activities to play with, using the blocks to construct with, playing in the craft area creating lots of cool things and reading books in the book corner.
Hudson was building some fantastic towers using our big building blocks with the help of his friend Pearl. Together they used some beautiful teamwork skills and cooperation.

For our lunch group time, we played some group games. We first play ‘what’s the time Mr Wolf’ and then some musical statues. When we played musical statures, we first played a round where everyone was dancing and freezing. In the second round, we decided to play an elimination game of musical statues. If Miss Sophie spotted you moving when the music stopped you had to sit down. In the end, it was a competition between Aiden and Levi. Aiden was our winner!

Thank you for a lovely day Kindergarten!

Miss Sophie and Miss Cassie.    

Written by elckindy

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