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Wednesday 2nd March, 2016

Today was a busy day for kindergarten as we are getting a little bit busier, we all had lots of fun today playing with some new toys and doing some artwork.

We started by having a play inside as it was raining this morning so we played with all the toys that nicely together. Harrison, Nicolas, Jacob and Luka played with the blocks today building different towers and buildings using lots of different shapes and sizes, we spoke about what shapes they were using and whether they were big or small blocks. Evie, Charlee, Sierra and Charlotte played with the dress ups today, they used the food and pots and pans to cook everyone a nice meal.

We had a big discussion about the class rules as well today, we spoke about what they were and why we need to follow them so we don’t get hurt or hurt our friends, we are also doing things by ourselves such as putting our shoes on, sunscreen on and making sure our bags are ready to go home in the afternoon, we will be doing this with our artwork throughout the day as well if there is any to go home.

We will be making a family tree in our classroom so we would love for you to bring in a photo of your family for the tree, also if you can bring in any recyclable materials for us to use within our classroom please.

After playing outside for a little while Harrison found a couple of rocks outside so we decided to create a nature area within our classroom, so if you have any materials you think would go into this area please feel free to bring them in for the room.