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May 5th, 2016

Good afternoon Families,

Today was a very busy day in the kindergarten room, we had lots of children today but were still able to play nicely together. We started off the day with playing outside then coming inside to start our progressive morning tea which we are all getting very good at serving our own food and being patient while waiting in line, we are also being very good at ensuring our friends got some food as well taking 1 of each thing.

We then had yoga practicing our calming techniques, we are all getting very good at this as well maybe you can practice at home with your child, have them show you the different poses they  do and the different calming techniques we do here. We then came inside our classroom and played with lots of different toys, we helped each other build a big wall again and played with the home corner stuff together.

After we had a play we read some new stories such as 3 little pigs, 3 billy goats gruff and Tiddalick the frog using felt stories and puppets. Which later in the day some of the children used to tell the other children the story themselves. We also did some painting and used a dinosaur story book to create our own dinosaurs using different shapes that we stuck together.