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Wednesday 9th March, 2016

Good afternoon Families!

Today was a busy day in Kindergarten today we had 18 children today so we had lots of friends to play with. We started morning tea a bit earlier today so we had more time to fit some learning in. After morning tea we started off the day with a group time, we are learning days of the week, bumble bee bumble bee, little peter rabbit and singing lots of different songs, We also practiced our shapes, colours, our counting and continued looking at the letter L, we are getting very good and remembering different words that begin with the letter L, Evie and a few other children went through the books during rest time and found lots of different words that begin with the letter L throughout the book, we found lots of different words to add to our list tomorrow morning. We are also looking at the numbers 0 and 1 which we are also getting very good at writing and drawing ourselves, we sang some counting songs to go with this such as 3 little monkeys and 3 little sausages and read a Dr Suess book called 1 fish 2 fish, red fish blue fish.

We are using vehicles as our project focus as this is what the children wanted to learn about together, so today we spoke about what vehicles are around us and what each of us may use around the world. Today we used our cutting skills to cut out different pictures of vehicles and sort them into land, air and water, some of us needed a little bit of assistance to know what the vehicles were and where they are used, we were able to cut these out very well and each of us were very happy with ourselves when we were able to do it, Evelyn was very happy telling everyone how fast she was at cutting the pictures and how well she was cutting them out. We each practiced writing our names as well when we finished our sorting.

We did some art with Mr Lochie today using marbles to create an artwork, we first decided to use magnetic balls but they didn’t work very well so we had a talk about magnets and what else might be magnetic towards them. When we finished this discussion we used bouncy balls to roll the paint around inside the cardboard lids. We mixed the colours together and found out what happened when some of the colours mixed, we spoke about what colours we were using and what they turned into when we mixed them.

We also used some boxes that were donated by Ashy’s parents to create our very own cars that we can drive around in, we painted them lots of different colours and stuck some beautiful purple wheels on which we decided we wanted to use for our cars. We will be continuing this by making a rocket ship inside the classroom that we will be able to play with together.