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Good afternoon everyone!

Miss Daisy has been away today so the Kindergarten and Pre-Kindy have been having fun together wtih Mr Lachie, and Miss Rachael.

This morning we had fun making mud pies in the sand-pit with Miss Rachael and playing with Mr Lachie with the bouncy balls. After morning tea we played a name game to welome all of our friends to kindy today and say hello to our new friend Aaleyah. We then enjoyed a range of activities, including tower building with the big blocks, playdough, drawing, and house play. We really enjoyed creating paintings with playdough cutters, used as stampers.

Before lunch we read some stories together. We especially enjoyed “I want spaghetti!” and the children helped Miss Rachael to read this repetive phrase. Some of our friends enjoyed learning tennis skills. They returned from their lessons very excited.

This afternoon the children have been enjoying more stories, playing ‘Simon Says’ with Mr Lachie and creating lots of special art works.