Lucas Proudfoot Circular Rhythm Performance

The name Circular Rhythm is a mash up of two terms; firstly, the circular breathing technique used by didgeridoo players like myself and secondly, the rhythm audiences experience as they sing, dance and interact with each performance.
I am passionate about cultural education for young people. As a cultural performer, my aim is to showcase the unique qualities & origins of traditional Indigenous instruments like the ‘Yidaki’ – Didgeridoo, with guitar, stomp box and digital technology. This fusion of old and new gives young people a way to move from what they know and are familiar with, to something more ancient. In the process, cultural learning occurs.

Friday 13th September, 2019, 10am
TD1 TD2 SK PK KG1 and KGF2
Cost $6.00 each (charged to weekly fees)

Written by Administration