Hello Kindergarten families and welcome to a new week. This week we got started with a nice play in the yard this morning. We had cutting and drawing set out on the tables and a big obstacle course for the children to use as well as our sandpit toys and blocks. After our morning in the yard we came inside and did a welcome to country with Miss Kate which is a good morning and welcome in yugumbeh language. We also did our Monday mood dance. Morning tea was next and we had some passion fruit and peach with yogurt. It was then time for our activities. On the balcony we put some shaving foam into a tub with little jewels and things for the children to find. They loved digging through the foam. Mr Lachie made some play dough with the children which they used to create all sorts of great stuff. Our truck and construction area was being well used aswell as home corner. After our morning of learning we went outside for a play before coming back inside for lunch. Today was falafal with pita bread and salad bar. After our yummy lunch it was rest time. We then had table activities with drawing, Puzzles, Dolls and shape sorting. Next was afternoon tea outside before enjoying the rest of the afternoon in playground. Thanks for as great day kindergarten!

,Miss Kate Mr Lachie