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Good Afternoon Families!

Welcome back and happy Monday, we hope you all enjoyed your weekend, and are well rested ready for another busy week in our babies 3 room.

Our morning started inside with singing songs, blowing bubbles and having lots of cuddles. Once our babies were settled we moved outside to explore and enjoy the warmth of the morning air. Our little ones loved outside so much we decided to have our morning tea in our outside area. As we all enjoyed our yummy morning tea, Miss Deb sang and did actions to some of our familiar nursery rhymes.  Annie clapped along to “If Your Happy And You Know It” smiling and having a little jig, soon all the babies joined in with their friend. “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” was Lincoln’s favourite wiggling his little fingers to make the twinkling Star. “Row Row Row Your Boat” had everyone joining in as they rocked back and forwards rowing their boats. 

Sophie was amazed with the plastic cars, putting them on the top of the slopping foam block, giving them a push and watching as they roll down the slope and crash to the bottom. Yaaaaaay!! Sophie calls out in delight as she claps her hands and does it again.

Using his small gross motor skills and problem solving Carter was so immersed in play with the wooden stacking rings, carefully placing one after the other onto the stick blinking his eyes as they slide down the stick  with a bang to the bottom. Carter was so proud of himself, smiling with achievement as we cheered him on.

Anselma has been very happy today engaging in play with all her friends. Anselma explored our outside area with her little friend Sofia, stopping on her way to play peek a boo! with Miss Deb before moving on to socialise and share the connector blocks with Annie.

Archie has been very busy today, cooking in home corner, stacking rings and stacking cups. Archie has also been practicing his walking skills pushing the wooden trolley around outside. Well done Archie!

Our day has been super bus and happy, All their little personalities are starting to emerge as they are feeling more comfortable with their peers, educators and surroundings.

See you all again soon, enjoy your afternoon.

Miss Deb and Miss Shafagh xx



Reminders:  Please can we have all items of clothing named as well as dummies, bottles, sheets, nappy creams and comforter I know we are all busy but it makes it so much easier if everything is named, especially dummies :)) 

Also each little Bub needs their own fitted cot sheet, which will be kept here till their last day of the week they attend and then you may take it home and wash ready for the following week. Each cot is cleaned and left to air out each day, and sheets are stored in their own named locker in the sleep room.

Written by elcbabies3