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It has been a wonderful day today in Babies 2. We got to meet two new friends Evan and Natalia, they both had a wonderful first day at School. Miss Hayley and Stacey had a wonderful time getting to know them. Evan spent his time at school this morning exploring the new environment. He crawled from one end to the other and played with all the toys along the way. He especially liked the sensory wall,and enjoyed running his hands along all the different textures and also listening to the sound his hand made when he rubbed it across the bumpy cardboard. Natalia also spent her time this morning exploring the class room and trying out all the new toys. She particularly enjoyed playing with the puppets and was running around the room talking to all of her new friends. 

Group time today was so much fun we sang all of our favorite songs and read some books. We read ‘Dear Zoo’ by Rod Campbell and ‘The Green Sheep’ by Mem Fox. The children loved listening to both of these stories especially ‘The Green Sheep’, they got so excited about finding the Green Sheep each time the page turned they were filled with anticipation and smiles.

We spent the rest of the day in the Babies 1 yard playing in the sand pit, climbing up and down the slide and splashing water at the trough. It’s been a wonderful relaxing day today 🙂

See you tomorrow

Miss Hayley & Miss Stacey 



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