Kindergarten One



Good Morning Families and Friends, We hope you had a beautiful Christmas with your family and loved ones. This morning friends were busy playing outside, they were excited to be engaging in their new Kindergarten yard! Friends explored the climbing frame and the slide, taking turns in shooting down it while giggling away. Other friends explore the sand pit- digging for treasure! While some decided to develop their gross motor skills on the obstacle course Miss Shannon had placed together, they balanced, jumped and stepped across it. Rafaela brought in a book called, “Crocoroos and Kangadiles” this was all about Australian animals and what they would look like if they were split in half! It was interesting and funny, Miss Kate read it and this gathered some friends in a group to share the story- Thank you for sharing with us Rafaela!

It was soon time to head inside- we start our day with a fun high five, fist pump or cuddle with Miss Kate. This is a great fun way to start our good mornings! We then headed to the mat where we answered the roll and spoke about how we were feeling. We then warm up our bodies and mind with our Monday Motivation day “Happy”. This soon got us warm and happy!! We discussed our favourite things that happened over Christmas- friends had lots of toys!

After morning tea we discussed what we would like to play with we chose:





Reading books

Miss Kate introduced us to our new outdoor area- this is our messy area where we get to paint and use the messy tray for whatever we choose. Today we decided to paint, Miss Kate placed out paint pots and friends had a go at painting. Some friends were investigators, using the magnifying glass to look closely at the bugs. Other friends pulled out the yoga mats and had a little rest with a book in our reading garden. Puzzles were popular with friends engaging in the number counting one, they had to count the objects and match the numbers. The dress puzzle was also popular with friends matching clothes for the occupation. Home Corner was busy- friends loved this little area, they pulled out the food and placed it on the table. We had a mother cooking, while the babies played dress up. Drawing was also popular with friends- Zavier drew Miss Kate a rainbow heart which she loved very much!

This afternoon friends rested and engaged in quiet activities. Thank you for a great fun filled day back at Kindy friends!!


  • Please ensure your child has their hat, drink bottle and spare clothes with them everyday. Belongings need to be clearly labelled.
  • Items to be brought into Kindy (Tissues, paper, pens etc) can be given to an educator. These do not need to be labelled as they are shared for the class throughout the year.

Many Thanks

Miss Kate and Mr Lachie