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Hello Families!

Happy Monday. We all hope you had a great weekend. This morning was a lovely morning playing in the yard with Babies 1. It was a bit chilly so just a reminder to bring in a jumper for your little ones. Hugo enjoyed riding the bike around while Mia explored the shakers and pots in near the cubby. Quinn used his balancing skills to walk up and down the stairs. At morning tea we sang a overdue Happy Birthday to Miss Marina! She is back after a lovely break. To celebrate we had vegan healthy cake and balloons. All the babies loved throwing and playing with the them. They used their voices and noises to show they were having fun!

Group Time – Miss Marina sat down with the babies and sang the good morning song, the acknowledgement to the land and the sleeping bunnies song. Miss Marina laid a soft bunny on the floor as she sang. Each baby watch intently and when it was time for the bunny to wake up. Miss Marina said… Wake up bunny! All the babies became excited by smiling and making noises. This shows the babies are very engaged with music and songs. Having a prop encourages the babies to see something visible and can relate to the song that is being song.

Art Activates

Today we are beginning our Mothers Day Art and Continuing Anzac Day Sunrises. The Mothers Day Art is a surprise so you just have to wait and see : ). As for the Anzac Day Sunrise we used paint brushes and water paint. The babies love creating pictures with paint. As soon Miss Shawn said, its time to paint, Arabella and Quinn repeated painting, painting and sat at the table waiting.  Hugo loved to use the red paint and Wade discovered the paint brush and slowly put the paint brush on the paper. Leon moved the paint brush up with yellow. Every time Miss Shawn or Miss Ione would say red paint or yellow paint Amelia and Hannah would repeat and reach out for a paintbrush. This activity was very interactive and all the babies enjoyed creating their own masterpiece.

Outside Area

Quinn started a game to jump off the cushions and the rest of the babies followed. Ameila was first, then Hannah, then Leon and Hugo. 1,2, 3 and go! They would say. This was a great experience for the children to be social and interact with each other. They are all aware of each other and observe their actions. Such a great activity that they all initiated.

Welcome back to Miss Marina!

Have a lovely afternoon,

Miss Shawn, Miss Marina and Miss Ione.