Hello Benowa Hills families,
Mr. Lachie here! it’s with great sadness but with one positive eye to the future that I announce my departure from The Hills. I have been here since the day it opened and worked previously at the Benowa centre for 3 years. I have built some amazing relationships with parents and children over this time that will last long after I’ve left here. As some of you know I do a lot of DJing on weekends at various parties and venues and I have decided to have a full-time crack at it. My friend and I have decided to start a business called ‘Kidz Kickons’ we will play at children’s parties, Schools and social events around the Gold Coast and beyond. I have been doing these sorts of events at TSS and St.Hildas for a couple of years now and we can see a big opportunity by doing this full time. If anyone of our Benowa families wants any more information on this or know anyone that might be interested, we have a web page that is currently under construction but will be up by the end of the week kidzkickons.com as well as an Instagram page: kidz_kickons (send us a message on the Instagram page if you have any questions)
We also have a phone number which is on the website and Instagram page. It was a very tough decision to leave but Kylie was extremely supportive and offered great advice and encouragement. I absolutely love this place and have no doubt I’ll be visiting when I can. Thank you so much to all the staff and families that have given me so many amazing memories and good times over the years. Bye Benowa Hills!

Written by Administration