How do I claim Childcare Benefit?
Contact the Family Assistance Office on 13 61 50 before you start care.  Ask to be assessed for CCB and choose the “reduced fees” payment option.  Do this even if your income is too high for CCB, so you can get Child Care Rebate.  Ensure you inform us of the correct enrolment details, i.e. your date of birth and CRN details exactly match your FAO details.  Also, it is important that we know if your child attends childcare at another centre, if you have other children in care or if one child attends more than one service.  This information can affect the amount of CCB you get and how many absences CCB is paid for.

Can I switch CCB from one parent to the other?
If you change the account to your partner, you will need to make sure they are assessed for CCB and remember to inform us of their CRN and date of birth.

Can separated parents share the cost of child care?
Yes, as long as you inform us which attendances each parent is liable to pay for so that we can report it under the correct CRNs.  Each parent is treated as a separate family with entitlements to CCB and CCR.

Does my child’s Immunisation status affect CCB?
Yes.  Don’t ignore the letters you get from FAO about your child’s immunisation status or your CCB payments could be stopped.  Even if you know your child’s immunisation is up to date, you need to contact FAO to ensure they have the correct information.  Click here to view the current immunisation schedule (0-4 yrs).

What is the procedure if my child is absent due to illness?
When your child is away from Kindy, we offer a make up day at no charge (subject to availability) for the day/s he/she has missed attending.  We also ask that you notify the Centre as soon as possible if your child is going to be away.  If your child was suffering from a contagious illness, it will be necessary to provide a doctor’s certificate of clearance upon his/her return to kindy.  As well, you must record on the sign in sheet that your child was absent due to illness.

Children will be excluded from attending the Centre if they are suffering from:

  • Vomiting/Diarrhoea – regardless of the cause, they must be excluded for 24 hrs from the last symptom;
  • Conjunctivitis – children must be away from the centre until treatment has commenced and discharge from the eyes has ceased (a medical clearance is needed to return);
  • Infectious Diseases – children must stay away for the designated period as recommended by the National Health and Medical Research Council (a medical clearance is needed to return).  To view the recommended minimum exclusion periods for infectious conditions for schools, pre schools and child care centres, click here.
  • Headlice – children excluded from the centre until the first treatment has been completed and no live lice are seen.

Children will be excluded when they are not immunised and an outbreak of an immunised disease occurs.  Likewise, if child immunisations records are not current with the office staff and an outbreak of an immunised disease occurs.

Can the Centre give my child his/her prescribed medicine?
If your child has prescribed medications, you must complete a medication sheet located in the medication folder on top of the lockers in each room.  No medication will be administered to children if it is not in the correct container with clear label.