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Hello everyone

My name is Miss Rachael. I will be group leader in the pre-kindy for five weeks while Miss Nicole is away. I have really enjoyed getting to know the children today. I have recently moved from New Zealand where I have been working in childcare for four years. Please do not hesitate to talk to me about your child’s day. I look forward to meeting you all.

Today we came together and welcomed all of our friends and said hello to our new friend Cooper, who started with us today. We talked about our focus colour (blue) and shape (circle). After our welcome, we enjoyed various activities including dressing up and playing with the food in the hut, colouring in rainbows, building towers, and doing puzzles. 

In the afternoon we sung some songs with the Kindergarten children. Miss Rachael taught us some new songs and the children showed off their fabulous singing skills. We enjoyed an outside play with the Kindergarten. We spun around on the swing, climbed up the fort, hid in the tent, and filled up pots and pans in the sandpit.

Thankyou for a wonderful first day at Benowa Hills.