Happy Friday from our Pre Kindy friends,
Following our interest with one of our children’s interest in aboriginal culture bringing in a boomerang with their show and tell.
We extended on it on by making our own unique boomerangs that Miss Naomi made out of paper plates we had a group discussion about the aboriginal colours and their culture. As there was no brown paint we made it well tried to we mixed red,yellow,red and purple which made a dark auburn colour,  hildren learned trial and error. We used cotton buds to do the dots of our boomerangs.
We also found a special book that was a traditional aboriginal book called ( tjitji tjuta inmaku pakantjaka book)which Mr Lachie read to the class, We really enjoyed this story and were intrigued about the culture as we asked lots of questions to our teachers. Miss Naomi printed of different words Aboringal’s use and then showed the class the Aboriginal flag.
We were all very amused by this that some of our friend’s started to say where their family was from Miss Naomi asked the class does she sound different to which the children answered yes Miss Naomi explainned to the class that she was born in Ireland and showed them a picture of her place of birth on a map, Miss Naomi then did some investigation finding out all the different cultures of all of our wonderful families background in the room.We then extended on it by putting the maps of each individual country on the wall we will continue to extend our interest further by using a big globe of the world showing the all their special places they belong and pointing to each country as this was very intriguing and a special moment for us all.
Our afternoon we enjoyed listening to music and dancing outside, exploring with water play and added animals to it for more adventures.
What a happy fun week we all had, we look forward to what’s in store for next week.
Have a fantastic weekend and we will see you all next week.
Love Miss Naomi and Mr Lachie

Written by elcprekindy