Good afternoon, Pre Kindy families, 

This morning, the children were excited to tell Miss Remi about heavy raining last night. Miss Remi used opened question to let them tell the story what they saw/heard last night. Everyone was able to explain their thought and we decided to have a outdoor tour to investigate what is the different from yesterday. Most of the children were wonder why the sandpit was messy than yesterday. Other friends were checking the floor and asked me why many sticks and leaves fell down. Another friends tried to go up the hill in front of the gate but they couldn’t because of the wet glass. Pre kindy children had a lot of wonder so that we decided to find the answers in the morning group time. Miss Shawn talked about the condition of our outdoor playground last night. She saw a lot of water as a flood and it was hard to clean up. It seemed like they understood why the outdoor playground was messy. Then, Miss Shawn showed us Raining experience by using shaving form. Pre kindy children enjoyed taking part in the experiment. They had fun putting their hands and arms all in it and feeling it.


Morning Tea


Banana, yogurt, choc chips and granola


Show and Tell


nside, the children are given variety of opportunities to develop their fine motor, social, role play, construction, coordination and cognitive skills through activities.

The activities available today were:

– Home corner, the children can play with toy food, babies, cots, phones, vacuum, microwave, kettle, café area, doll house, dress up – (dramatic play, memory, social, fine motor, imaginative, pretend play)]

-Playdough with green colour, the children created their own bugs and flower to extend their interest. (Creation, Imagination, Sensory skill, Fine motor skills)

-Raining Experiment with Miss Shawn, the children enjoyed dripping blue food colouring over the saving cream.(Experiment, imagination, Inquisitive, fine motor skills, turn taking)

-Sensory play with barks, sand, sticks, leaves, and shells. The children engaging sorting, scooping, lining up and creating something with them. (Imagination skills, Creation, sensory, fine motor skills)

– Dramatic corner, the children engaged dramatic play as a doctor, chef, princess, builder, and butterfly.

(Imagination, creation, turn taking, self-regulation)

-Book corner (eye-hand coordination, fine motor skills, patient, taking turns)

1. Friendly reminder: We’re not allow to have nuts and egg in the centre because some children have allergy. When you bring your own lunch box, please double check.

2. If you want your child to have ‘show and tell’, please bring a book/photo. So, your child will explain about it.

Have a lovely Long weekend!

Miss Remi and Miss Shawn