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Good afternoon families!

Today has been a brilliant end to week. We had our martial arts lesson with Mr Daniel which was a pretty big highlight to our day. We love when he comes to visit and we make sure to have our listening ears on.

Inside we engaged in a lot of construction work with Miss Jade and Miss Zara. James, Madison and Henry enjoyed building with mobilo whle Lilly sat along side them building with the foam blocks. Ben and Cooper helped each other to build a town with the large wooden blocks. Aleks used the lego to build a new house. Leo collected dominos and manipulated the domino pieces to build and join together. Olivia, Ayse and Harrison participated in imaginitive play in the home corner setting. Jack and Shia joined their friends to play with the animal blocks. They took turns imitating the sounds that their animals would make in real life. Hannah had a wonderful time putting the dancing ribbons on and dancing to the music that was playing.

Today we focused on observing the children learning through their individual play experiences.

Have an amazing weekend. Thank you for a wonderful week and see you next week!