Good afternoon families!

We made it to the end of another beautiful week here in a the Pre Kindy room. Today we had three of our friends join us – Hunter, Issey and Aleksandar.

We have had a pretty fantastic day together playing in our new cubby house and covering the slides in the sandpit with sand and attempting to slide through it.

After our morning tea we went inside for some group time. We are slowly introducing a routine similar to kindergarten in preparation for us moving up (even though its a long way off its always good to be prepared). For group time we learnt a song about the days of the week called ‘Days of the week’ its sung to The Addams Family theme song and has lots of clapping which we enjoy in any song! We spoke about the date, weather and did some counting songs.

Mr Lachie had a special talk to us about not hurting insects in the yard. We learnt that there are lots of different animals and insects that live outside in the play ground and how they have the right to be here just as much as we do. Mr Lachie said if we find a bug that makes us feel scared to get a teacher to come and remove the insect from the area and we will rehome them in the garden.

After group time we stayed in the construction corner. Mr Lachie asked if we could see the building of Surfers Paradise from the window, he then asked us if we could build them with the equipment from the construction corner. We had a great time balancing the blocks and helping each other build.

We have had  a great day in the Pre Kindy room today. have an amazing weekend and I will see you on Monday.