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Today has been a beautiful day! We had 5 friends with us today and we had a great day communicating with each other to help plan our day. Ash, Eljay and Hunter were excitedly showing Miss Nicole the yard and were quite excited to explore the pirate ship together. Inside Ash decided to put all the jungle animals inside the secret box and have everyone guess which animal they picked up. This left the boys in hysterics. Charlotte arrived and we decided to put together some puzzles. Something very exciting happened shortly after when we found a beautiful dragonfly in our room. Together we hatched a plan to help the dragonfly escape, working together we opened the windows and the children spoke words of encouragement to help guide the dragonfly through the windows. Hunter was especially happy when our plan was a success stating “He has gone home to his family now”. We had a discussion on why we need to look after the animals and insects around us.

During morning tea we ate fruit and home made custard. We spoke about how delicious fruit is and what our favourite types are, it turns out that we are actually all fruit bats and enjoy every type we can get our hands on! After morning tea we joined with toddlers group 2 for a play in the yard Ash and Hunter played with trucks in the sand. Jay and Charlotte filled up buckets of water and enjoyed seeing the reaction of mixing together sand and water. Eljay was as fast as lightening riding his bike around the yard. We enjoyed exploring the yard with our friends.

For lunch we had some beautiful home made chicken pizza! The children couldn’t eat it fast enough. During lunch time we had a visit from our new friend Izzy we read some stories, played puzzles and played in the sushi restaurant before we laid on our beds for a rest.

After rest time we sang songs and shared our feelings with each other during group time. For afternoon play we enjoyed playing in the sandpit with our friends and educators!


Have a happy weekend everyone!