July 12, 2019 Pre Kindy No Comments

Its been an exciting day in the pre kindy room, Miss Dakota gathered the children on the mat for a group time. She started the day off with our indigenous greeting

“Here is the land

Here is the sky

Here are my friends

And here am I”

Next Miss Dakota and all of the children sang the days of the week, and as a class we sung “its Friday!”. Miss Dakota selected a few of our friends to pick a song for the class to sing together. Daniella and Sophia both chose to sing the ‘ABC’S’ and Connor chose’ Baa Baa black sheep’. The children were all engaged and all participated in singing the songs as a class

To start of our activity time today we were invited to watch a virtual reality Aboriginal Australian show. A few of our friends started off being a little bit scared, though as the show when on and they understood that it was just going through a phone it became very exciting. The children got very involved by answering questions that that our guest had for them. Bonnie and Aristotelis both got very excited when telling our guest how they loved to go fishing. We gave our guest a big “thank you!” as the show ended and moved back to the classroom. Luckily enough we still had a bit of time to do some indoor activities. The children sat on the mat and did some reading as Miss Dakota set up some activities such as:

  • Building blocks. Connor and Ben enjoyed helping each other to think of new buildings they could create.
  • Shion. Kai and Ethan created some scary monsters using the googly eyes.
  • Our mini obstacle offered the children an opportunity to burn their energy
  • Mr Daniel took all the children outside to do Arakan! Arakan is a mixture of martial arts that offers the children the ability to learn self defence in a fun and inviting environment

After activity time we packed our toys away and made our beds

Over all its been another great day, we hope you all have a fantastic weekend

see you next week

Miss Des’ree and Miss Dakota

Written by elcprekindy