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Good afternoon families! Today was a wonderful way to end the week. 

Cooper and Alex used their imagination to bring the ninja turtle and the joker to life. They (the toys) took the boys on a great adventure up and down the hill, through the river and into the yarning circle. The boys created scenarios and each of them continued on the others ideas. It was great to see their amazing interaction and imagination skills.





Shia and her friend Ashy rode bikes around the yard together all morning. Especially enjoying going down hill and picking up lots of speed.




Inside it was all about construction with Aleks and Cooper building tall towers, Lilly building with the mobilo and Jack connecting puzzle blocks together.






Shia found Miss Daisys new animals and was quite eager to pull them out of their packages.



After lunch the martial arts teacher arrived to teach us some new moves. He taught us to shut the blinds (put our arms in front of our face in a blocking position), using our hands we then had to high-five the punching bag and to end we had to kick it twice. We all had a great time doing these moves and Aleks was even practising his moves as he was waiting in line for his turn.


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After today we should all sleep very well tonight! Thank again for such a wonderful week and we look forward to seeing you all next week!