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Happy Valentines day!

This morning before we started our group time, we practised a fire drill. All the children made a line beautifully and we walked up to the hill and sat there patiently until the fire drill was over. We then headed inside and enjoyed reading Matthew’s books. Thanks, Matthew, for sharing your books with your friends.


Miss Sana then asked children if they know what’s today’s day. “It’s Friday.” Said Matthew. Miss Sana then told children that it’s a special day today “But what’s Valentine’s day?”


Miss Sana explained to the children that Valentines Day is showing Love to the ones we love. She then explained for art today, the children had a choice to create a flower for their mummy’s. Miss Sana demonstrated how the children could created them with different colour paint.


Today children participated in lots of indoor activities such as:

Sensory bucket- we mixed pasta, rice, lentils and beans! Then added tongs, cups, bowls and pom poms.

Wooden Block area –  Theodore, Matthew, Elizabeth, Lilah, Matilda and Flynn worker together and along side each other building their own creations. Each child had their own ideas on how to build with the block and some children watched and observed others.

Home corner – Lucia, Ceylon, Angelina, Elijah enjoyed home corner this morning. Each of them brought some of the pretend food to Miss Shawn and showed her how to eat them. They then put the dishes in the pretend sink, which then asked Miss Shawn “Where do the dishes go after washing?” Miss Shawn showed him the drying rack and he then placed the plates in the correct spot.

Book Corner – Spencer, Fynlee, Termeh and Toranj sat quietly in the book corner enjoying looking through the books and talking to each other.

Peg and Peg Boards – Spencer, Termeh, Toranj explored an discovered the Pegs and Boards. They used their fine motor and eye – hand coordination to put the pegs in the boards.

Spencer looked up at Miss Shawn as she took the photo of him and said, “This is how you use the pegs” and demonstrated to her the way he placed them in.

Painting – Everyone enjoyed creating the flowers today for Valentines Day. Each child had a choice in which colours they used and most of them looked up at the Educators when them were done and said “I’m finished”

Coloured Connectors – Oscar and Flynn made their own creations out of the coloured connectors. They told their educators that they were cameras and taking photos of the children.

Wet outside today. We were not able to explore the outdoors.

Have a fabulous weekend and we will look forward to see your beautiful faces next week.

Miss Shawn and Miss Sana.



Written by elcprekindy

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