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Pre-Kindy – Friday 14th June, 2019

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The yard was full of fantastic activities to start the day, we enjoyed the sunny weather and stayed out an extra bit longer today:

  • The Bikes are a great source of gross motor development the children love having balance bikes
  • reading space up on the hill
  • and drawing area
  • In the sandpit we made sandcastles, dug big holes and made some cakes in the kitchen

For group time today we had a small discussion on the rules for the kindergarten yard. Miss Des’ree explained to them that there were different equipment and how to move to and from our classroom.

For activity time the children enjoyed self selected activities such as:

  • Our construction site with sand play, Josh, Connor, Shion, Grace and Ben loved adding water to the sand today to make it more like ‘dirt’
  • At another table Ethan, Cooper T, Bonnie, Daniella and Sofia played ‘makeovers’ with our hair and makeup beauty activities
  • Ben and Josh loved the animals table making their very own farm
  • Connor, cooper T, Cooper P and Thomas unlocked all the pad locks
  • Our last table had an activity to separate each colored jewel into different glasses that were going to keep adding to

On the mat today we had:

  • Our wheel burrows and blocks for building
  • Drawing at the easels was a favourite from Daniella, Sofia, Leilani and Lillian


Just before lunch we packed away and for a treat went up to the kindergarten play yard for a run around

Overall we had a great day, enjoy your weekend and we look forward to seeing you next week.

Miss Des’ree and Miss Talia



Written by elcprekindy

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