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This morning Leilani did our aboriginal greeting and invited Bonnie to sing our days of the week, Sofia said “its Friday today!”,

When we finished with our routine songs Miss Des’ree showed the children a cloud experiment. For our equipment we used

  • 2 bottles
  • Shaving foam
  • Water
  • 1 dropper
  • Food colouring


We filled the bottle with water and then topped it over with shaving cream, we used the dropper to place the food colouring on top of the cream and waited for it to sink through to the water.


Through the experiment Miss Des’ree  introduced a basic story about clouds and rain


Our story went like this:

Clouds are made up of water and they keep drinking up water till their full and get very heavy – when they are heavy they change colour, who knows what colour the clouds change into?

Elsie, Elke and Ethan responded and said “ it goes grey!”

“that’s right, well done”

“When they get too heavy the clouds let go of the water and it begins to…..?”

When the food dye coloured the water the children responded “ rain!”


The children enjoyed the story and the visual experiment. To finish up the group time we discussed todays activities and then Miss Talia transitioned the children to an activity of their choice.

For activity time the children selected activities that interested them the most:


At the tables we had:

  • Bi- carb and vinegar eruptions!
  • Moon sand
  • Assorted magnets
  • Scales and weight project


On the mat the children enjoyed:

  • Building
  • Cars with cardboard tubes


During activity time the class was split into two groups for Arakan.


The children all had a great days and made new and exciting discoveries

we hope you all have a fantastic weekend and we look forward to seeing you all next week,

Miss Des’ree and Miss Talia

Written by elcprekindy