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Morning tea- crackers with fruit

Morning group –
As a group we went over the rules and the behaviour that was expected for our excursion. The children had such great listening ears on. We put on our Tumble tots matching shirts, hats, wrist bands, sunscreen and mosquito spray. Due to the number of child seats on the bus, we had to spilt into three groups.

Lunch – Pizza and Vegetables

At the park!!
As the first and second group waited for the third group to arrive, we did a scavenger hunt together. Miss Thea and Miss Bianca had a list of items to find! We found birds, flowers, ants, rocks, bark and trees.
As the third group arrived, we met Miss Rana, she works at the botanical garden and was so excited to show us arounds.
First, she introduced herself, then each child was able to hold a magnified glass. After learning how to use them, we all looked around the sensory garden. We had a close up look of a range of flowers, plants and even spotted some bugs and insects! We sat a couple of bees, ants and lady birds!
After a water break the children all went for walk through the gardens, over the bridge and back. This was a lovely walk! We saw swans and even baby swans! There was lots of bearded dragon lizards too!

The children had such a great time, they all were on their best behaviour.

Hope everyone have a fabulous weekend.

Lots of Love,

Miss Thea and Miss Sana x.