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Good afternoon families!
What a way to end a fabulous first week in Pre Kindy than with your awesome children.
Today Harrison was determined to get his hands on a long, long train track so we went on a sneaky adventure into Toddlers 2 to make his dream a reality. Harrison called over his friends Ash, Hunter, Eljay and Jack to help construct the super long trainset.
Sierra and Charlotte decided to create some beautiful drawings. Miss Nicole offered the girls some alphabet and number tracing mats to which they completed with great enthusiasm.
Jay, Sierra and Charlotte enjoyed testing the strengths of different magnets using our special magnet set.
During group time we focused on what we loved about the day and how we were feeling. We continued to use flash cards for alphabet, letter and colour recognition.
We have also been practicing our self-help skills – the children are encouraged to empty their rubbish into the bins and make their own beds at rest time (assistance is always offered).
I look forward to seeing you tonight at orientation, if you cannot make it I will have a questionnaire for you next week. Have a wonderful weekend!