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Good afternoon families! Happy Friday!
Today we had a much more relaxed day in Pre Kindy with 9 friends joining us for the day.
This morning Miss Jo set up a reading corner in the sandpit complete with cushions and books. Axel and Ashy had a great time flicking through story books together.
Harrison bought in a special book for show and tell today – it was a book about Japanese trains and a colouring in book. Harrison told his friends that his mummy was from Japan and that he had been on holiday there once. Miss Nicole asked Harrison if he spoke Japanese, Harrison replied ‘just a little’ which was good because Miss Nicole only speaks little bit. They enjoyed teaching the children different words in Japanese (Hello, Goodbye, excuse me, how are you?, delicious).
Charlotte was a great helper today helping our new friend Issey adjust to the room. Hand in hand Charlotte took her around the yard with Miss Nicole.

Issey enjoyed experimenting with different magnets to manipulate magnetic sand, Harrison joined Issey while she was conducting her experiments.
Hunter, Eljay, Ashy, Harrison and Charlotte each had a turn of painting the boxes we have collected to start building our train. We begin construction next week!
Jay and Axel enjoyed tipping out the mobile and building cars to use on the road puzzle they had constructed.

Today was a beautiful way to end the week. It has been beautiful to watch your children forming friendships with one and other. Next week our kindergarteners will be moving into the Kindergarten room with their new teacher Miss Daisy. Good luck kiddies!