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Good afternoon families!

Today was a very creative morning in the pre kindy room. 

Outside Aleks made a beautiful dolphin drawing on the concrete.

Lilly was copying Miss Nicoles flower and grass.


Shia was just enjoying running the chalk along the ground.
Miss Nicole made a special cake for Hannah for her birthday.
Aleks made a birthday cake for Hannah too. He was very proud and stood up to show Miss Nicole and also to pose for a picture.
Ayse really loved the chalk, she carried the bucket around the yard and even asked her teachers if she could take it home. 
For morning tea we had fruit pizza. Miss Nicole and Miss Camilla took this time to discuss healthy eating with the children. The educators encouraged the children to try all the fruits in front of them. Most were hesitant with kiwi fruit but they were willing to try it!
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Inside Shia and Jack were cooking up a storm in the kitchen to feed to the dinosaurs.


Cooper was building a house for his garage.

Aleks built a road to drive his car on.

Lilly and Ayse tore apart the cupboard to find some beautiful dresses to wear for the day.




Today we celebrated Hannahs 3rd birthday with her. We shared some delicious cupcakes with her during afternoon tea and we even got to wear party hats. Happy Birthday Hannah! We hope you have a beautiful day with your family and get incredibly spoilt!

Well thats it for this week. Have an amazing weekend and we cannot wait to see you on Monday. We have even more new friends starting next week which will be an awesome addition to our room.


Just letting you all know we will be creating a fairy garden in our room so we will be looking at collecting glass jars, plants, potting mix, rocks even some fairies. So if you have any spare we would love to have it!