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Hello  Team

It’s great to be back in pre-kindy today. The children welcomed me (Miss Rachael) with lots of hugs! We have had a lovely quiet day in the classroom today. 

While we were outside today, we made a game of searching for treasure (stones) in the sandpit. We collected as many as we could find, and washed the sand off them to bring inside. After our welcoming mat time, we painted the stones and added glitter to create special gems!

We’ve enjoyed making giant puzzles today and driving the cars along the wooden road puzzle. We were given some mini animals from the Toddlers room and enjoyed talking about the different animals and what they eat. We also made the most of the pin boards and tried to make different patterns using the colours.

Food has been a topic of discussion today. We’ve eaten lots of fruit and talked about the importance of fruit for our bodies. 

A reminder that Monday is a public holiday. I hope you all enjoy your long weekend.