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Good afternoon families!

Photographs will be displayed on the laptop on top of the lockers this afternoon.

Today we had a great day here in the Pre Kindy room. Our new friends have settled in so well it feels like they have been here forever!

After a big play outside on the climbing next we went inside for morning tea before Mr Daniel came to teach us some Martial Arts. Mr Daniel sat us outside and had us working on lots of interesting techniques. With our friends help, two of us used all of our strength to push the punching back Mr Daniel was holding backwards. Sometimes we even made Mr Daniel fall over. We had a running competion to see who could collect a glove and run it back to Mr Daniel – turns out we are all pretty fast! We learnt how to punch the punching mit while defending our face. We are all very good at using our listening ears with Mr Daniel and we enjoy each Friday morning when he joins us. James had such an awesome timeparticipating he asked if he could do the second lesson as well, the kindergatrten class were more than happy to have him.

Inside we are learning to care for our toys and our teachers are encouraging us to learn through play. We are learning to pack away one toy before pulling out another. Miss Camilla gave us some playdough to play with – this was such a great idea because of the wet weather this afternoon it will definitely be coming back out!

While Miss Camilla was getting our lunch Miss Nicole turned on the Wiggles and we had a bit of a wiggly party dancing and singing to hot potato, rock-a-bye bear, big red car and can you do the twist. Turns out we have some amazing movers and shakers in the class today and they more than made up for Miss Nicoles lacking voice and showed her how beautiful they could sing.

We cannot wait to have more moments like these next week. Welcome again to all of our new friends and families. Have a safe and great weekend and we will see you bright and early on Monday.