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Good afternoon families!

Today we had only Hunter join us for the day. We combined with Kindergarten so that Hunter had some peers to engage in activities with.

Hunter is enamored by garbage trucks and every Friday morning he watches  as they come and collect our rubbish and take it away. He always has so much to say about these trucks and loves learning where they go.

Hunter is very social and has no problems inserting himself in activities with his peers. Hunter saw his friends in the sandpit playing with rakes so he found one for himself and went and found himself a seat next to his friend Ashy.

After morning tea Hunter joined his friends in Kindergarten. Miss Nicole had programming today so she took the opportunity to work on some colour, shape and number recognition sheets. Miss Nicole also gave Hunter a special piece of paper with his name traced over it, Hunter attempted to write his name and very confidently exclaimed that he would now trace the letter T.

Miss Thea called Hunter over and asked what he would like to play with – Hunter chose some connector blocks. He promptly removed the box from the shelf and took it to Miss Thea who helped him to build buildings.

During lunch Hunter really came out of his shell, he listened to his teachers talking and copied every word they said. He thought his game was very funny especially when Miss Nicole exclaimed ‘I am a potato’ and he started chuckling.  He had a great time engaging with the teachers in the room.

Have a great weekend and I will see you next week!