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Good Afternoon everyone!

Today is Miss Rachael’s last day in Pre-Kindy. Miss Nicole will be back on Monday! yay. The children are looking forward to her coming back and hearing all about her adventures. We made her a welcome back poster today and the children have enjoyed sticking stickers to it. 

The children enjoyed creating an environment for our mini creatures to live. We made sea and land and decided which animals live on the land and which ones go in the water. We also made houses for them using blocks and sticks. 

This afternoon we had some special friends come and teach us some martial arts. The children really enjoyed this! 

Tonight is our Mothers Day celebration. We hope to see you here! 6pm-8pm. 

Thank you all for being so welcoming to me (Miss Rachael). I will continue doing some relief work for Benowa, so will see you again. It has been a pleasure working with you and getting to know your precious children.