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Morning tea- Mango jelly with banana and rock melon

Morning group –
We started with our morning routine:
• Good morning song
• Days of the week
• Counting and number recognition
• Christmas songs
At group time we welcomed our new friends Myleen and Millie!
Miss Rose then read the story ‘The gingerbread man’. The children have shown quiet an enjoyment in this book, being able to read along and tell the story as well.
As a transition to play time, Miss Rose encouraged each child to role the dice and count the dots. This was excellent for their counting skills.

Before lunch, the children did some silly dancing to some upbeat Christmas songs! We then sat on the mat to listen to some Christmas songs such as Rudolph the red nosed reindeer and Jingle bells.

Lunch – Spaghetti bolognaise with vegetables

Inside children were given variety of opportunities to develop their fine motor, social, role play, construction, coordination and cognitive skills through activities such as:
– Magnetic connectors- (fine motor, social, communication, creative, hand eye- co-ordination)
– Home corner- (dramatic play, memory, social, fine motor, imaginative)
– Floral collage with Miss Rose, celebrating floral Friday today. (sensory, creativity, fine motor, coordination, imagination, social)
– Doll house with dolls and furniture – (Memory, social, fine motor, dramatic)
– Our own snow pit made out of corn flour and baby oil. The children were able to explore this with Miss Jess today. They were able to use their hands, spoons, small bowls and animals (fine motor, social, sensory, creative)

Arakan class: Range, Theodore, Elijah, Termeh, Toranj, Milana, Chloe, Michael, Fynlee, Lucia
Gymnastics: Range, Chloe, Fynlee, Lilah, Elijah, Matilda, Angelina

Information for parents:
Parent teacher evening on November 25th 4-5:30pm. Christmas party on Thursday 10th December 3:30 -4:30 pm
There are the raffle tickets in each child’s bag, this is for our Christmas raffle. It can be paid to the reception area.